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Venture Funding is the process of providing funds (capital or money) to a business for the purpose of growth. Getting funded can be critical to the success of any business, since capital allows a business to expand their marketing, help develop their product, or hire necessary staff.

Venture Funding is excellent for new companies who have limited history that are not large enough to raise money in the public market and in addition are too newly formed to secure a credit via a bank loan or debt instrument. In exchange for exposure to the high risk that venture capitalists assume, venture capitalists usually get wide ranging control over company decisions; in addition to a substantial ownership of the firm and its respective value.

Venture Funding is a type of equity capital that is private, and is typically provided to new, high-growth, high-potential companies with the notion of generating a return through an eventual event such as an IPO or sale of the firm. Venture capital usually takes the form of cash in exchange for shares or options in the company receiving the investment.

The main sources of funding for a new business include? Venture Capital, Small Business Loan (SBA), institutional investors and high net worth individuals; it’s often aggregated together by dedicated investment firms or venture capitalist.

A venture capitalist (VC) is a person who does venture investing, and they often bring managerial and technical experience to the table, as well as capital. A venture capital fund is a pooled investment often structured as an LP or LLC that often invests the capital of third-party investors in opportunities that are too risky for standard capital markets and bank loans.

Funding amounts can range from a few thousand dollars up to a few hundred million dollars. Whatever the amount, receiving funding can be the difference between success and failure for a business.

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